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A Quilter's Journey. I have become a piecer of quilts. The part I love the most is choosing a design, the colour/fabric selection, then piecing.

Friday, 21 October 2016

This afternoons project

Dia Duit, I have been able to do a few projects due to our appalling weather.The pattern is Pumpkin patch by Amber Fenton.Dh comment your colours are too dark my response that is the way I wanted the table runners to be.Slan,O'faigh 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Christmas has come early

Dia Duit,the past week I have been working on a new Christmas Quilt for our entry.Absolutely loved making this whimsy quilt.The free motion quilting I did was a Christmas tree stitched vertically down the quilt.Mum came around yesterday and loved it and I said I think I will hang it up she scolded me it is too early.Well, the bad middle child that I am,set to  this morning to start my Christmas decorating.Last Christmas had shingles and lost my Christmas cheer so I am certainly going to go all out this year grin.Slan,O'faigh

Sunday, 16 October 2016

A Snapshot of One of my Favourite spots to stay

Dia Duit, it has been three weeks and I thought the asthma was improving, alas today I am back where I was three weeks ago.The cold wind is one of my triggers and I am suffering from cabin fever.I thought to show you and revisit Old Dadswells town where our Spot and Molly were born.I love this place that has been created by Max and Jenny.It is somewhere,where I am at peace and can leave my troubles and responsibilities behind.I am yearning to spend sometime here again,but, alas it will not be until next year.There is 280 acres of  Australian bush.I love to take the dogs for a bush walk and take note of the different bird life,especially the little Blue Wrens, and the native trees and shrubs.At night in the town hall Max has a rip roaring fire.A place for happy hour and then a barbie for tea.It amazes me how Spot and Molly remember where they were born.I Have to keep a close eye on Spot as he sneaks off to barrel the chooks.Jessie mother dog completely ignores them and I always find it hard as little Molly hounds her to acknowledge her, if only she would give her a lick on the face then Molly will be satisfied.I hope you have enjoyed a snapshot of a great place to be.Slan, O'faigh