Monday, 16 October 2017

Blogging Break

Dia Duit, I am taking a break from blogging.Over the past three months there have been many family issues to deal with.It has been a very hard time in a lot of ways.Roll on 2018 and hopefully a kinder year.Slan, O’faigh

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Do you Remember this Book.........

 Dia Duit, in 2006 I was drawn into Brenda Papadakis book, Dear Jane.When I went to guild, a lovely lady, was holding Dear Jane Classes.Mind you she has made three Dear Jane Quilts. For one year, I was gung ho,in the making of the blocks, in between working and family life. I had made 102 blocks. In my so called wisdom, I made the easy blocks first, not the way to go.
Earlier in the year, I decided to finish all my UFO's and now down to my last two. Farmers Wife and Dear Jane. Farmers Wife, I am taking to quilt camp with me, so will show progress once I come home.
 Over the weekend, I pulled all my Dear Jane stuff out and made the decision to piece the blocks together in their rows. They are now pinned to my Design Wall, which will make my colour selection for the blocks much easier.My intentions are good, and hope I can focus on the making of this quilt.
Slan, O'faigh

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Edna and Henrietta

Dia Duit, I have the chuckles today. Our young Jess over the past three weeks has been banging on about getting some chickens for the eggs.DH and my response was to simply buy free range eggs at the supermarket, and save on the work and caring for them.
A deal was put to me, by Stu and Jess, as money was tight, if DH and I could buy the chicken coop and we would have eggs for life. grin.
So, chicken coop was purchased and on Monday Jess purchased Edna and Henrietta. Last night Jess rang and said to me, Mum I did not realize what characters and personalities they have. My response, was all god's creatures do Jess.Pictured is Edna, who apparantly is well behaved but the smaller hen Henrietta is the naughty one. Never a dull moment. Slan, O'faigh

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Civil War Sampler Quilt second time around...

Dia Duit, I am really happy with how this quilt turned out.......I made it into a tablecloth and love love the colours. Thank you Dear Julie as they are the fabrics that you sent to me as a Christmas Present......I used a new pattern I purchased from Lorien Quilting feather flip. I did not do the quilting close together as I wanted the quilt to be soft and not hard from over quilting. Slan, O'faigh

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

I have been spoilt by my beloved..................

 Dia Duit, Rob bought me some beautiful flowers to cheer me up....just gorgeous......

I have had another reshuffle in the house......Quiltness came to visit last week and said Lynnie where is your hexagon with most of my quilts they are tucked in the linen press.....I said Nessie it is in the linen press.......that night.....I did some surfing on Pinterest and found our lassies in America have beautiful cabinets to display their quilts............the other morning Rob popped me in the car and we went antique hunting for a was hard.....I did find a wooden cabinet with pressed steel doors........but it did not fit in with the furnishings in our living room........I chose the 1950 Walnut cabinet and love has all my special quilts first I jammed it full and Robbie went crook at what I will do is rotate them....Slan, O'faigh