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A Quilter's Journey. I have become a piecer of quilts. The part I love the most is choosing a design, the colour/fabric selection, then piecing.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Some secret sewing

Dia Duit, I am laid up in bed with asthma so not much happening on the sewing front.I am off to quilt camp on the weekend so need to get better.Pictured a little hint for a swap I have joined into.Slan,O'faigh 

Monday, 19 September 2016


Dia Duit, I have made this quilt in memory of Viv Robinson. Her memory lives on in her designs.Such a wonderful, warm, vibrant,  caring woman who I sadly miss....
on the frame ready to be quilted....
I totally love my quilting frame/ machine....a new dimension and completion of the quilts I make. Thank You Jo....you have created a monster......
Chose the simple flower design............

Not a good photo, I loved machine quilting the shapes...normally  I hand blanket stitch them...getting game in my old age...grin....my job tonight to stitch the binding. When I was in Melbourne...I saw a lovely doona cover, sheets and pillowslips.....our bedroom was tired...as much as I love the quilts I made.....needed a change....will post a pic when the room is complete .Slan, O'faigh

Friday, 16 September 2016

Just love FMQ What I have been up to

Dia Duit, to date I have a very fruitful 2 1/2 days sewing.I have made three quilts for my
 Brother's grand children.Ethan loves motorbikes, Bethany the colour Blue so this Frozen fabric was a good choice and the little one Quinn is two years old and so so funny.Mauve is Quinn's colour.It was very hard to find such a fabric.I have had great fun fmq these quilts with no mishaps ie breaking needles etc.I thought from my sewing absence it would take time to get into the rythmn,but, no I was like a duck to water.To utilise the fabric due to cost of licensing fabric I made them whole cloth quilts.

Remember the quilt I made for Mum, Quiltness quilted it for me and always does a superb job .This afternoon this will be my job sewing the binding.

Such a dark room our study my progress with the Splendid Sampler blocks I was about twenty behind ,now it is ten, getting there.At least there is sunshine this afternoon.Slan,O'faigh